Camera-Ready Instructions

The conference proceedings of SBAC-PAD 2021 will be published in two volumes: one for the main conference technical program (SBAC-PAD) and one for the workshops (SBAC-PADW). The Conference Publishing Services (CPS) of the IEEE Computer Society will produce the SBAC-PAD 2021 and SBAC-PADW 2021 proceedings. Post conference, the two volumes of proceedings will be submitted to IEEE for inclusion in the IEEEXplore Digital Library. This requires that all papers submitted for publication must meet a minimum standard for electronic publishing. Presentation of an accepted paper at the conference is a requirement for publication.

Authors must consider the reviewer’s feedback in order to improve the camera-ready version of their papers. Camera-ready papers are limited to ten (10) pages (including references) but authors may purchase up to two (2) additional pages in the proceedings at US$100 per page.

The camera-ready version *must* be formatted according to the IEEE Manuscript Formatting Guidelines provided below. Please pay attention that their formatting instructions may differ from the formatting instructions provided on SBAC-PAD paper submission.

 – Formatting instructions:×11-2/instruct8.5x11x2.pdf

 – LaTeX template files:×11-2/

A least one author of an accepted paper must be registered by (September 20th – full paper; October 4th – workshops) for the paper to be included in the proceedings (more details on how to register in: Authors *must* submit the camera-ready version of their papers to IEEE CPS by (September 20th – full paper; October 4th – workshops). Otherwise, papers may not be included in the conference/workshop proceedings.

Once authors have proofread and checked the layout of their camera-ready papers, they *must* generate an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file using PDF eXpress. All instructions are given below:

 1. Go to PDF eXpress website:

 2. Either log in with your credentials or create an account.

 3. Enter Conference ID: 53543X (SBAC-PAD main papers) or 53941X (SBAC-PAD workshop papers).

 4. Either upload your source files for conversion or your PDF file for PDF checking. You will have the opportunity to revise your submission if you are not satisfied with the PDF that PDF eXpress creates for you, or if the system finds problems with your paper, or if your PDF fails the PDF Check. If there is a problem with your file, you will receive an e-mail detailing the problem(s). Otherwise the system will e-mail you a copy of your IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file.

ATTENTION: Do not go to EasyChair to submit the camera-ready version! Camera-ready papers in IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file format must be submitted directly to IEEE CPS. All instructions are given below:

 1. Go to the IEEE CPS website:
    1.1 If the paper has been accepted in SBAC-PAD main conference, please access the following link:!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=69wXtGaiNbJuGYIfAeo1XQ.
    1.2 If the paper has been accepted in one of the SBAC-PAD Workshops, please access the following link:!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=74W8usrPr4XNdSW4f68jYP.

 2. Fill out and submit the copyright form.

 3. Provide information about the paper (please, use the EasyChair paper number for your original submission in the “Paper ID” field).

 4. Upload the camera-ready IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file.

– Author registration: (September 20th – full paper; October 4th – workshops)
– Camera-ready papers (IEEE CPS): (September 20th – full paper; October 4th – workshops)